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Winter Blues Getting me Down

Winter Blues Getting me Down



We are a strange race when it comes to the weather, if it is too hot we complain and when it is cold we wish it was hot again. But the truth of the matter is that the weather really does have an effect on mood and generally feeling low.

Take today for instance, it has been a wet, cold and misty day here. From the moment I got up until the moment I closed the curtains on the outside world. One of those days where it just doesn’t get light.

I could feel my mood sliding downwards as a result of the weather outside the window and I was wishing for a day of sunny weather to brighten the whole place up a little. I fear that we are a few months away from anything other than cold and damp and certainly warm days and sultry nights seem a lifetime away.

There are methods you can adopt to try to counter this mood shift, it is a well researched and documented illness abbreviated to SAD (seasonal affective disorder). But rather than go into great details about SAD I thought I would share some of my methods that I have in place for days like today.

Here is a link to NHS website referencing SAD:

Click here to read about SAD

My coping strategies for dull and dreary days are little things I have bought and found that seem to lessen the effects. First of all id really recommend investing in a decent SAD lamp, they are so useful and give you that extra boost throughout the day. Word of warning though I wouldn’t recommend looking directly into the SAD lamp when it is switched on, I did this when I first bought it and then spent the next hour tripping over furniture whilst my vision returned to normal!

The other thing I find very useful is mood lighting, any kind of colour changing light that will illuminate a wall in your room, I tend to have mine set on orange or red hues to give the illusion of sunlight on the walls. But I find that blues and greens also have a calming effect.

Daylight lamps are great too, less expensive than SAD lamps but still give you the illusion of daylight when it is dull. Avoid any kind of fluorescent tube lighting as this flickers at a high rate and can cause headaches and worsen your mood.

Other things I do, drink fruit juice. As silly as it sounds a drink high in vitamins really does help sweeten the mood. Go outside for 5 minutes every so often, even if it is raining you will feel the benefit of the fresh air in your lungs and it will also stop fatigue setting in.

I hope those little tips help to lessen your bad weather blues, I think even if you don’t suffer with SAD or depression, adding a colour changing lamp into your room will brighten your day somewhat.


Winter Blues Getting me Down


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