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Sweet Scent of Relaxation


The gadget.


One of my Christmas treats to myself was a cold air diffuser or it’s more commonly known name “Humidifier”. I have always had a liking for scented candles, incense sticks and those reed diffusers that come in the attractive but overpriced glass bottles. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that there was a product on the market, that you can add your own essential oil combination too and fragrance your room any time you wish.

I knew straight away, I wanted one of these gadgets! So I bought myself one for Christmas and four bottles of essential oils. Now I am a complete novice when it comes to the oils and there uses, I normally buy something like that because I like the smell of it. But after last night I am now a complete aromatherapy junkie!

The oils.


The essential oils if bought separately can be quite expensive, but if you shop around and buy a set of them rather than just individual ones, it does in the long run work out a better deal. I have just ordered such a set with a total of 14 different oils in it. These vary from citrus to herbal and even woody and floral ones. So I am looking forward to their arrival tomorrow to try some of them out in my diffuser.

The Epiphany.


As I mentioned, I was a sceptic about aromatherapy and the benefits it is said to provide. Or at least I was until last nights epiphany. It came about after I had loaded my diffuser with water and sprinkled a few drops of lavender oil into it and turned it on. I was immediately transported to my garden during the hot summer months, the smell of the lavender was strong but intensely natural smelling, not like the air fresheners and reed diffusers that have probably never seen a lavender flower and were created in a test tube from god only knows what. The reason that this was such an eye opener to me was nothing to do with the scent I was smelling but more to do with the effect it was having on me, it is well-known that Lavender has calming properties and that is exactly the effect it was having on me.
Being a person who lives with anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis, this was a sensation that I had not felt for a long time. My mind suddenly felt free from worry, I could feel my whole body relaxing and I even started to feel a little happy inside. Needless to say I awoke this morning and went straight onto Amazon to order more of these wonderful potions.

Would I recommend this to someone who suffered from mental illness, yes without hesitation. But dont just take my word for it, buy a diffuser and try it for yourself. I will post again as to the effects of the other oils as I try them out. But right now I am walking through a field of purple headed lavender with the sun beating down on my back as I run my fingers over the flower heads releasing their perfume in huge clouds. Yep I have the diffuser running right now!


Sweet Scent of Relaxation

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