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Art therapy to relieve and revive.


As some of you may be aware, I like to dabble in watercolour painting. I don’t claim to be very good at it, but I don’t do it to become the next Michael Angelo. I do it because it helps with my Bipolar.

Art therapy to relieve and revive

I would seriously recommend art to anyone who suffers from depression or bipolar. I have spoken to people online and suggested this to them, only to be met with the excuse that they can’t draw! Well guess what I couldn’t either when I first started.

Art therapy to relieve and revive

There are ways to get into art as a pastime that are both inexpensive and reasonably easy to grasp, I started my journey into the world of art by doing “paint by numbers” and it was through that activity, that I realised that painting was a very therapeutic way of spending my time. Not only does it relieve boredom, it also gives your mind a spot of escapism and allows you to put down on paper whatever emotions you may be feeling at the time. I think art is one of the few ways that you can constructively lay down your emotions without giving away what you are feeling.

Art therapy to relieve and revive

Some days when I am feeling especially low and down, I turn to painting to help release some of the frustration and anguish that is trapped inside me, a lot of the time I cannot concentrate on serious subjects to paint, so instead I literally throw some paint around the paper and see what shapes appear. Before I know it I am painting and my mood lightens a little.


People may not understand the Art that you are producing, after all it is personal to you. But that is not to say that they don’t appreciate your work for its intrinsic values. A lot of the time when I complete a painting that is from my imagination and contains within it a lot of my pent-up emotions even I don’t understand its true meaning. But I do know that it has helped me in some small way and I am sure if you give it a try it will help you too.


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  1. I know what you’re saying. Painting and even just following others on the PW site (when I felt too low to lift a brush) has helped me deal with a phase of depression. I wasn’t aware you were suffering so much. I take my hat off for everything you do. You are amazing and very appreciated by the group.

    • Thank you Tina, your words of support are gratefully received and I am glad too that you are finding relief from your depression via the medium of art.

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